49th Metro Football Jamboree Schedule Released

Posted on Jun 23 2017 - 10:38am by Mike Strasinger

The 49th Annual Metro Jamboree schedule is all set.

Thursday, Aug. 10 at Whites Creek at 7:00

Hunters Lane vs Maplewood , Whites Creek vs McGavock

Friday, Aug. 11 at Hillwood at 6:00

Glencliff vs Mt. Juliet Christian, Hillsboro vs Pearl-Cohn, Hillwood vs Overton

Saturday, Aug. 12 at Cane Ridge at 7:00

Stratford vs Antioch, Cane Ridge vs East Nashville


Rules for playing:

a) The first quarter of each contest will begin on the 30-yard line.

b) A coin will be tossed preceding the first quarter of each contest at each of the two sites to determine the offensive and defensive teams.  There will no kickoffs.  However, all other kicking situations will be live.

  c) After a safety, the ball will be placed on the 50-yard line.

d) Score will be kept as a regular game – Visitors vs. Home.  After each half, the scoreboard will be cleared.

e) Each team will be allowed two timeouts except in case of injury.

f) All other rules/regulations are to be enforced.

g) If the contest ends in a tie, there will be no overtime.


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